Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virginia: The Un-vegas

7 days out West in places like Kansas City and Las Vegas are good for perspective - that perspective being how great life is in Virginia. I've got a few stories and insights: how my phone was stolen for example, or details from the cab ride where my taxi driver almost wrecked us in his emotional fervor while professing his belief that we should build a great wall along the Western border of Nevada to keep the Californians out.

But none of that is really relevant, and for the most part I'm just happy to be home.

I did, however, get stuck in Kansas for an extra day that I spent rallying around Lawrence on their local goods. And their goods, despite what you might think, are quite good. Clinton Lake, in particular, is rooty, rocky, narrow, beautiful, steep, and outright difficult at times. I'll get some pictures up here for your perusal as soon as my phone resurfaces. Which is to say, never. You're going to have to use your imagination.

or I can just steal this one for your frame of reference.

Anyway, home sweet home. Now I can finally get back to doing what I do best - building and riding the bejesus out of the local goods. So let's dig into that directly.

Item number one on the agenda - O-Hill. On Sunday, lit up by the springtime sun like Jesus in holy light, we will rock that shit. If you're not racing, your assistance volunteering would be most appreciated. And if you're not volunteering, there's no sense not racing. Details, including pre-ride info, are up on facebook, the VORS page, bikereg, etc. Educate yourself, and think about maybe drinking some gatorade with your bourbon for a change on Saturday night.

perhaps not the best time in the history of nuclear power to call a race a meltdown. but ok.

Item number two on the agenda - VAHS MTB series. http://www.vahsmtb.blogspot.com. If you don't think that's cool, you wouldn't know cool if it lapped you on your first lap and looked about 14 years old. Wearing shades. Looks like I'll be doing a little trailwork at the rancho relaxo in early April. So if you dig, come help me dig.

And on to the mailbag, because rad happens, and then people tell me about it afterwards. For example:

From: Kev29er
RE: Up
BRS w/ CHAM, up Wyatt to Observatory, down Broken Back, up Simmons, back down Wyatt to BRS. ~21 miles. 34x19. No dab, no walking. It was a good day.

Two years ago, when Kev29er was the strongest singlespeeder I'd ever ridden with, he couldn't get up HALF of that cleanly. Now he can stomp the whole thing. In a bigger gear. Likely chewing sunflower seeds.
The man is going to get paid on Sunday. And if CHam kept him anywhere in sight on Monday, he'll probably be getting paid too.

From: ELF
To: the world at large
RE: TU/TH Worlds
Ride leaves at 6 PM, Reas Ford Road and Earlysville Road intersection (post 
office side). Rain normally cancels. Note- this isn't a race. So stop signs,
the yellow lines, cars and everything else need to be respected. Tuesday "A"
group is competitively paced. Neutral roll out through Earlysville Forest.

Technically, due to one last attempt by winter to ruin the party, Tue Worlds didn't go down on Tuesday unless you count ELF rocking the trainer by himself as "Worlds". So Thursday should be a hoot - as long as you qualify sustained, brain-busting hypoxia hootish. The road to hell is paved. Rally down it anyway.

From: VORS
To: the world at large

A Big Shout Out to Virginia's own .... Jeremiah Bishop, Bonelli Park, and Susan Haywood, the Shootout on Anglers Ridge....

This just in: pro bike racers from Harrisonburg can freaking ride. Nick Waite, if I'm not mistaken, won down at Angler's ridge also. And JB sticking it to the top U.S. pros out in CA is surprising, but not THAT surprising. Rocktown makes Bonelli (and most other places for that matter) look like a road ride.
Not to be completely outdone though, our boys De-whit and Erico got their quads up on the podium and flexed a little bit too. Those two have the hunger right now, and I don't just mean a hankering for Chipotle.

And I'll leave you with this one, I reckon. An old buddy from college checked in while browsing the bowels of youtube for some memories, and he found a good one and thought of me. Could be from when he used to play The Chemical Brothers in his car at a decibel level that hurt my brain. Could be the bikes. Anyway.

Make the world you're living in better.
It's good to be home. I might just have myself a three-fer.
Up, up, up.

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