Monday, March 21, 2011

Three-Fer Muddy

Three-fer-Thursday around these parts, and let me tell you something - sloppy happens. Three days of intermittent showers has made goo out of the goods. But the showers have moved East, the sun is shining, and the trails are on the mend, and by Sunday we might just have ourselves a race barring snow.

Then again, it's the ridge we're talking about here, and senior rock trail really doesn't even get good until there's an inch of fresh laying about. One way or the other, cross your fingers - because if past races are any indication, we're racing regardless of weather-based peril.

Other events worth mentioning:
This weekend, in a fit of trail stewardship, CAMBC is running not one, not two, but THREE trailwork events, a ride, a competition of sorts for the highest attendance, and a post-trailwork-bender bender.

No Bender, not you.

Trailwork details from Alex:
Walnut Creek, Saturday, 9am - 12pm: We'll be working on the dam loop to assess current drainage issues (those muddy sections that NEVER seem to dry up), with the goal of building up the trail grade to allow for proper water runoff, and dry tires!
Whetstone Ridge, Sunday, 8am - 2pm: Redux from last weekends brushing project. We'll continue to brush the last 1/3 of the ridge (pulling bob carts & tools behind bikes). We can evaluate shorter options for those folks on a time crunch.
Preddy Creek, Sunday, 2pm - 5pm: Will Stanford and crew will continue working on the advanced trail, including some benching and bridge building.

And details about the competition and the party from the Shade Pig:

Attend (and participate in) as many of these trailwork events as you can. On the table right now there are 12 full hours of trailwork, assuming you can teleport from location to location. Further, I'm leading (okay, following) a post-trailwork ride at Walnut on Saturday, so bring your bike. The person with the most total hours at the end of the weekend wins. (You can count the Saturday ride hours if you did the trailwork.) First prize is a gift certificate from Blue Ridge Cyclery, still working out the details on that. Second prize, I buy all your beer for the night at the awards ceremony (Yes, I'm aware this could easily be first prize). Consolation prize, anyone with over 8 hours total trailwork for the weekend, I buy your first beer at the awards ceremony. Must be present to win, because otherwise I'm drinking your beer.

And he means that, he will both buy and drink your beer. So show up, do your part, and then consider helping him carry the drinks back from the bar if you want all of yours.

Additionally, BRCR might as well get a van. Cause we're road trippin'. From SRAMsey:

Weekend of April 2-3, BRC has been invited to ride the Massanutten trails to get in a pre-ride of the Hoo-Ha course for the upcoming June 4-5 race weekend ( Scott Coleman has graciously stepped up to get our team at least one, possibly two, pre-rides at Massanutten. Scott will have BRC Hoo-Ha race headquarters at his Massanutten condo for post-race fun. Think pool, hanging out, and grilling whatcha brought. Many thanks to Scott for working with the land manager at Massanutten and getting special permission for our team to do a pre-ride.

Weekend of April 30-May 1, Ellen and I have reserved a cabin at Douthat as the unofficial BRC headquarters for Middle Mountain Momma ( on May 1. You’re welcome to hang out at our cabin before and after the race, and grill anything you care to bring. Options here include pre-rides on Saturday April 30 and pre/post-race activities at Douthat State Park on Sunday May 1. Please note that Douthat is a state park and alcohol is not allowed in public areas, so bring your brews and burgers to put in our fridge for the afterparty at our cabin.

You had me at Van. Even though you didn't actually say the word Van. It's a frame of mind, you see. And I call shotgun to that frame of mind.

Last but certainly not least, The Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series has kicked off. I believe the 1-2-3 I saw was:
Connor Bell
Chris Keeling
Our boy DeWitt DeZirkle

But skinny kids moving that fast are pretty difficult to see, and it's possible something got mixed up there. Radical. Local pros Andy Guptill, Pete Hufnagel, and Jeremiah Bishop all showed up and helped pump the scene up pre and post race. Again, radical.

The sort of young ladies I wasn't cool enough to hang out with in high school. And the sort of pros I'm not cool enough to hang out with now.

Race #2 next week heads to Rocktown. Thursday, 5:30 PM at Hillandale. Which reminds me I've got some berms to build this weekend, because the week after next the delinquency arrives here at the Rancho Relaxo. Delinquency not technically required to attend.

Anyway, it's a ThreeFer, and I've got stuff to do. Like figure out a way to build some berms and rally three times while working a full day.

Don't get left hanging off the back.


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