Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring forward. Or just ride for an extra hour and show up late.

Two-fer Tuesday at the rancho relaxo, and Kev29er is getting it done, son. After showing up here at 6:00 AM for a dawn patrol rally (which rocked), he is going to return here in an hour to chop wood and get his full, mountain man, cross-training two-fer on. Because it's Tuesday and that's what you DO.

So there I was cleaning out my desk last week in an attempt at Spring cleaning that I was hoping would prompt Spring to finally spring, and I came upon two objects of interest:

1) Item # 1 - The Battle of Los Angeles. Not the new action flick about fighting aliens in California. I'm talking about Rage Against The Machine's heaviest and angriest effort before they splintered and moved on.

now my soundtrack for every ride I go on that requires driving. rare, but significant inspiration.

Item # 2 found in my desk on cleaning day: The key to my Van.
Because I used to have a Van...

not actually a picture of my van, but similar. Mine was 9 years older than this one, and the door flares had been ripped off. far creepier than what you see here.

In the coming days while I'm traveling and without the means to really rally, I plan to hearken back and relive on this blog the details of my experience buying, owning, and losing my van. Because it really was a special time in my life and a great experience. Lately, I've been starting to lose track of some of the details as the memory has faded a little, so I want to make sure I get it all down on virtual paper before the whole thing is just a fuzzy snapshot accompanied by that lingering sense of loss I always get when thinking about the years flying by.

So yeah, get excited about that.

Other things to get excited about:
1) Night ride Wednesdays, back in action. From Shawn at the shop:
After a hiatus the WNR's are back!!
Each week we will meet up at the Blue Ridge Cyclery at 7pm and caravan/carpool to the ride venue or ride our bikes to the venue if it is Ohill. We will announce ahead of time where the ride will be and an approximate arrival time at the location as well so that people who live closer to the ride location can just meet us there.
So for this week: The ride will be at the TevenTrails. We will roll from the BRC at 7pm and hope to be at the farm and ready to ride by 7:45. The TevenTrails are private property, so please make sure that you get a waiver signed on arrival if you have not done so already.
If you are interested in trying night mountain bike riding but need a bike or lights, just let me know, I have extra equipment that we can get you set up with for the evening
thanks gang!!
See you tomorrow night.

2) The Banff Mountain Film Festival is back in town this weekend, showing Saturday and Sunday at The Paramount. Show up and learn something. Like how to spell "Banff" for example.

bummed to be missing this one. but since I can ride like that anyway, no big deal.

3) Daylight savings time starts on Saturday night. Most people tend to set their clocks forward one hour and roll with it, soak up the extra sunshine on their rides after work and what not. A select few other people claim the extra sunshine but leave their clocks where they are until about Tuesday and use the "forgot to set my watch forward" excuse for being 1 hour late to everything in an effort to really capitalize on said sunshine. It's like a hall pass to rally for an extra hour, and it only comes around once a year. Use it.

4) Lastly, find your race face case. Open 'er up and make sure it's still in there. Ohill will be done 12 days from right now. And if you're like me, you'll likely be wondering what the hell just happened. Rumored talent attending: our local superstar Mr. JB himself. Those of you who raced the Hoo-Ha! last year probably remember JB as the nice guy on the front of the race who wasn't bitching at you incessantly like the "PRO RIDERS!" behind him who tried to run you off the trail as they came around you on their second lap. Still a good guy after all that success.

Anyway, OHill. Place your bets.
Up, up, up.

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  1. Awesome that you found your van key. Too bad there's no van left to actually use said key in.