Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pantani Ride Pictures and Other Such Action

And POW! Just like that, my beautiful bride comes through.. The Pantani ride happened, and the evidence is below. So here we go...

dangerous pirate-jersey leadout

and a less dangerous, pirate jersey finish. aero bars next year.

Shawn flatted here, approximately 50 yards into the ride.

said pirate jersey, back home where it belongs. in a semi-permanent, 50% bleach solution.

Not his most photogenic bonk ever...

that would be this one.

pantani-ride induced scoliosis. ouch.

contemplating actually following the course next year.

Again, more pictures from the terrible, awful steepness can be found over on the Rooster's web log of triumphs and failures (mostly triumphs.) That would be here.
So, from my crew to yours, thanks for coming out and making the ride worth racing and the race worth riding.

Moving on, it's almost three-fer Thursday and there's action afoot.

Let's start with the new team kit, because Bender makes this look good, son.

turns out Bender is a medium.

Want to see the new action in action, jackson? Be at Camp Hilbert for a wild one this Sunday. Notable rumored attendees: Kev29er, Jaybird, The RamseyClan, The Tanks, SOT2.0, Shawn, Danny Flow, Dewitt Dezirkle, Dreama, Big John in the RIC, Whedbee, Carl, the list goes on and on. One thing about Hilbert numero uno, you can pretty much count on the gang all being there. The 2010 episode, for example, had a 35 person Enduro field, and about 500 fellas racing sport.
A potential snag in this plan, however:

yeah, that could get interesting.

I hope it works out. SOT2.0, in particular, will be lining up for his first mass start with the raucous one-gear-only class, and the level of irreverence and enjoyment there should be enough to hook him permanently. Not likely to blend in there, however: Kev29er, whose $45,000 blinglespeed and sub 28 minute lap times will likely stand out a bit.

Yes, I just called this man to ride sub 28's. Believe me, I've been training with him. Don't let the mullet fool you.

Anyway, yeah. RunRideRace puts on a great event, and provided the course isn't soaked, it's happening on Sunday.

Before all that goes down, however - show up at the gate at Ohill at 5:30 PM on Friday to make sure you've got your act together.

See what I mean? Fast-lookin'. He can tuck the mullet in, you know.

We'll rally a crit on some little used Ohill gravel and skinnytrack, panic about your lack of fitness and inability to keep air in your tires, eat some brownies, then roll back to the shop before closing time for you to stock up on whatever you need to fix your wagon.

Fitness not for sale, unfortunately.
But speed - now that's something you can invest in.

Up, up, and away.


  1. Is that mullet-dude the singer from Nickelback?

  2. Bender looks very photogenic. He's perhaps our strongest short-course member, very quick and agile and able to turn on the proverbial dime.