Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brownie Crits Return

It's March. Daylight savings, if you haven't already slid over a bead on the abacus today, starts in 13 days. That means the glorious return of Tuesday/Thursday worlds, Brownie Crits, and hours of sunshine after work are right around the corner.
And, what the hell, while we've got decent weather, why not have a brownie crit this week. From child prodigy and perennial dominator, Danny Flow:

"Ohill. Friday. 5:30 PM."
That's paraphrased, of course, because again, the kid has a lexicon that has grown taller than he is, and you can hardly understand what he's talking about. So I dumbed it down to your level, whoever you may be.

I did not, however, monkey with this picture in any way (but someday I will.) This really is a picture of Danny after a spectacular, tire-explosive DNF at the Pantani ride.

Again, that's 5:30 PM, Friday, at the gate at OHill, for the Blue Ridge Cyclery Racing Brownie Crit. Danny went on to expound the many citations of gravity in pre-1930s existentialism, but I zoned out, only to return when he mentioned something about riding to Ohill from the shop around 5 on Friday. So if you'd like to park over thattaway and hang onto Flow's wheel on the way to the crit (sort of like a crit appetizer) please feel free to try.

Speaking of Pantani ride pictures, they're coming. Something about my hotmail sized inbox (very small) and my wife's badass 10 meg photo emails haven't jived so far, but we're working on it.

And, on the subject of clearing things up:
1) No kidding, Miami has a pretty great bike scene.
2) Friend of the Program, Captain America is racing the Hurrican 300 this weekend. Scattered details can be found over here.
3) It's a two-fer and the sun is shining. So I'm going riding. Ken Tank will have to wait for Lodi details until next time.

Before I go though, I had some requests from afar for the Pantani Ride course map and queue sheet.

Thy will be done.

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