Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BRS Ride the Ridge

Blue Ridge School is an interesting microcosm. From a distance, it's a prep school in Dyke, VA - although they claim to exist in a place called St. George, whatever that is. Up close, though, it's 10 miles of steep, twisty, rocky singletrack surrounded by about 50 miles of downright nasty dirt roads that might as well be trails. With a dining hall that serves waffles until 11 AM on the weekends. A rad place, if you catch my drift.

As you might expect, it produces some mighty fine bike riders.
C-Ham, for example, has ridden the mountains above BRS so much in the past few years, he's like an honorary Shifflett. And interestingly, you might not know this, but many spellcheck technologies try to auto-correct the name"Shifflett" to the adjective "Shiftless" which brings me to the most recent check in from C-Ham.

From the Virginia Science Museum in Richmond:

"Apparently Kev29er's gear choice is only suited for downhill."

Another gent from the BRS riding hall of fame, Nolanpalooza, conveniently just checked in after an overnight bikepacking trip through Pisgah.

luxurious accommodations

"Squirrel for dinner, horse for breakfast."

I'll have an extra helping of horse if you don't mind. Yeah, they make 'em tough out there at BRS.

Perhaps none tougher, however, than Captain America himself. Markley finished 2nd at the Hurrican 300, throwing down a fast 31 hours of non-stop pedaling with no sleep. Ouch. You can read about that here: Captain America.

Anyway, here's my point: the race at BRS will test your toughness. In terms of sheer trail difficulty, it's likely the most punishing course in the whole VORS series. That's the beauty of it. DNF rates aside, everyone who finishes this beast has a sense of accomplishment that tends to carry them forward to bigger and better things...like all night rallies in Pisgah or a podium finish at a 300 mile race.

Test your testicles.
Let your wild side show.
Ride the Ridge.

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