Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ride the Ridge Results

I had a few folks check in here at BRC Blog Headquarters with the same question:
"Hey, do you know where the results are from Ride the Ridge?"

I think it's the rainy day. Bike people who can't ride, for whatever reason, tend to probe the depths of the internet in search of bike stuff. And after you get done watching Jeremiah Bishop crush it on his Cannondale a few times, you tend to get ambitious for a brief moment and wonder just how you might compare if you lined up next to him, had a better bike, trained a little more, etc.

So yeah, about the results. While no, I don't actually know where they are, I do know that they exist. Standings on the VORS page are alive and current. So it's likely that someone at BRS compiled them, attached them to a homing pigeon's bony foot, and turned them loose in the general direction of VORS headquarters in Richmond where the Pigeon likely did the math and compiled the results himself. Past that, it's hard to be sure. I certainly don't know where you can find your lap times. I will assure you, however, that they were not nearly as fast as you think they were. Something about a 6.5 mile course that takes damn near an hour to hump around doesn't look good on paper. I would recommend not digging around too much to try to find them, lest you wind up in front of the mirror again, naked, wondering if that's hip muscle or a muffintop. Go with what works. Turn back on the Jeremiah Bishop video, crack a cold one, clean up your godforsaken drivetrain, and listen to the rain.

It was fun. That's what matters.

Onward...this weekend looks stellar. Something about the way spring rain washes the air.
There is action afoot.

The 6 hours of Warrior creek will go down just across our southern border on Saturday, and BRC will be sending some talent down thattaway to represent on that glorious, bermed flowfest. I am not on that list of talent, choosing instead to hang back, develop the flu, and hack all over the shop on Saturday while I'm there "helping out" Danny from noon to 5.

Sunday, the Hoo Ha. Don't panic, it's just a drill, not the real Hoo Ha. But Chris and/or Scott Coleman (I have yet to figure out if this is one dude or two) will host a pre-race test rally of the course at 11 ish on Sunday by permission of the powers that be, whoever that is. Which I might attend. Or, if I feel like taking around $45 and discarding it in the woods along with my dignity, I might race the mighty Dragon's Tale. And by race, I mean flail about on some steep rocky stuff that I can't ride, bash my shins, cry, swear to quit bike racing entirely, coast down to the finish on the road, have a beer and some fries, then resume banter about how bikes are terrific and I love riding the gnarly stuff.

Have some patience. Spring is coming.

Up, up, up.

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