Monday, January 6, 2014

Pantani X (with a possible measuring variance of plus or minus 1 year.)

Pantani X.  Let's get busy.

By X, I mean the Roman X (that's 10 for you Athenians) not some kind of single-X, late night Cinemax experience.  But presumably, we'll have that too:
Metro: in.
Hard to think that it was 10 years ago this February that Shawn and I trudged up Simmons Gap in remembrance of Marco Pantani, then decided to do it again the next year and invite all of our equally misguided friends.  And really, that might have only been 9 years ago.  I tend to lose track because we've done it every year since.  So, officially, this is "Pantani X with a possible measuring variance of plus or minus 1 year."  Pantani X for short.

So what exactly is The Pantani Ride?  Like most things Pantani Ride, I'm largely unable to say more or better things about it than what I've already said, so I'll have to link you to a few explanations from times gone by and hope that will suffice.  

That would be:
and even Here.

You'll notice, if you click-read-repeat, that those links actually link to other marginally explanatory links, which in turn link to facebook, other blogs, strava, each other, a photograph of Todd humping The Rooster at the base of Brokenback mountain circa 2009, and possibly eventually right back here.  So the information you may or may not seek is out there, you've just got to be flexible.  

To be perfectly non-concise, this year we'll be doing exactly what we did then, just on February 9th, 2014 at 11 AM.  
And with more syrup.
So mark your calendars.

If all of that still doesn't quite do it for you, I suppose you might think of The Pantani Ride as the sort of ride that would exist if The Superbowl Ride and Monster Cross (on closely adjacent weekends, mind you) met up one torrid February night, had a love child, and that child was raised by wolves.

fast, bald wolves
I'll get an FAQ up again in the coming days, so check back in if you're still in the dark.  The kids already have all kinds of questions in the queue about strava segments, GPS file details, fatbike accommodations, and the like, most of which I know very little about.  So please let me know if something is more unclear than you reckon it should be. and I'll do my very best to murky the waters even further.

Other than that, consider yourself notified, and a vital part of the grapevine that spreads the word about non-events like this to the sort of rapscallions that might appreciate it.  5 weeks from yesterday, get here.  

Do work, son.

Up, up, up.

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