Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwing in the towel already

The gun for the Pantani ride goes off in exactly 17 days.  In my world of cram-training before an event, that's an eternity.  But already, some people are throwing in the towel.  Maybe it's the cold.  Maybe it's the harsh reality of riding the trainer.  Maybe it's the micro-tearing in your creamy hamstrings that you can't seem to stretch your way out of (you can't, I've been told.)
Though you can use better posture when you're fixing your chain, at night, in the freezing cold, while wearing shorts.  
Heal up, Kev29er.

Even the Godfather of Montebello himself pulled the plug already, citing poor winter fitness, opting instead to drive to the tippy-top of the pop and heckle and offer beer handups. Interesting side note, if you're ever feeling your age and looking for a reason to not ride, The Godfather sent me this:

"It's not your fault, you can't throw the bottle like a football."

No idea who to credit for that creation, and if there's one thing in this world that I don't comprehend, it's road racing in Florida.  But that is absolutely brilliant.

On the other hand, it would seem some folks have opted for the opposite end of the training spectrum, where you make sacrifices, endure the pain, push through the cold, and maybe even have yourself a stravagasm for a few days before someone takes it back.

Not to draw undue attention to this fella' if he wants to ghost into the breakaway without anyone really knowing he's a threat, but that's some pretty serious wattage.  So when the wedge gets driven going up Fox Mountain this year, I anticipate someone will need to tell me about it.  Because I'll be way too far back in the trunk to see it.  Maybe take a picture.

More to come soon, hopefully regarding the whereabouts of our beloved, cherished KOM Chapeau, last seen at Pantani 2012.  Now paging Zach "The Manimal" Morrey to the red courtesy phone for questioning.

Up, up, up.

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