Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Results. Dead Fish.

Weekend race results are streaming in all raging-river-in-the-spring-like, and this blog is the filthy cesspool alongside the main current where rumors and dead fish turn up. So let's go straight to the rumors before we get to the dead fish.

Under the category of total-yet-tenuous domination, Kev29er blew away the SS field at Hilbert, or so I'm told. It's going to take a concerted, full-peloton effort to mark this man out of the VORS #1 spot. Or he might just resume jogging, blow out his knee, and open the door for just any slob to roll around all simplified and victorious. Total-yet-tenuous; someone write that down.

I'm also told that Jay waged an epic battle at the front of the men's expert race and came out 3rd to FastJoeFish's 2nd. Take heart, young skywalker, that you are not the first, last, or only fella' to get your doors blown off by FJF in the last lap of a race.

Other rumors, rapidly becoming reality, barring any protests:
GeoffKeenanstrong and Erico Moortani took 1st and 3rd in the sporty-yet-forty category.
The Mighty Ken Tank bit himself off nine helpings of Hilberttrack, good enough for a top 5 finish in Enduro while his fair lady took it easy on him, had herself 7, good enough for the #2 spot on the women's side of the field.
Our Manchild Dewitt Dezirkle couldn't quite get his natural talent and potential to the front in the Sport race, but managed the silver medal anyway shortly ahead of a notable surprise finish by Mark McVoeckler who rode himself into 6th in the same race despite a sensational crash aboard the pain train at Walnut on Thursday before the race.

Plenty of other details here. Might as well read 'em yourself.

And on to dead fish, for the second year in a row I made it into the lead group on lap 1 of the prestigious Harris Roubaix (prestigious enough now, I might add, to have vendors) and then threw down a massive reverse attack via mechanical for a DNF. Racing on gravel is hard. Bonus recognition this time for hitting the ground pretty hard in the middle of said lead group and narrowly slithering under a few 53-tooth chainrings at the last second like a lizard. FOTP, Zach Bradshaw, managed to near-miss me and ride to a top 10 finish, then he also maintained the ability to ride back to our car in Harris-Roubaixburg, which was key given just how full my broken bike and I made the sagwagon back to town.

Pictures...a mighty fine day for a race.

If you've got Hilbert photos, stories, or outright lies, send 'em my way.

Up, up, up.

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  1. Hilbert was epic. I think we had a huge BRC turnout:
    Toph Royer
    Dreama Davis
    Eric Moore
    Esther Howard
    Geoff Keenan
    Jay Catlett
    Jenny Whedbee
    Jim Seguin
    John Cox
    Kevin Murray
    Mark McLewee
    Ellen Ramsey
    Jasper Ramsey
    Stephanie Shepard
    Stephen Cook
    Ted Gayle
    Whit Zirkle
    James Clarkson racing in Fortuna kit

    Apologies if I missed anyone. Great turnout, folks, and great racing!