Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Keep Moving

Quite a storm we had roll through these parts last night. For a few half-awake minutes around 3 AM, I was mentally preparing to just get up and give my spot under the warm covers to the the two quivering, terrified, 80-pound mutts who were panicking at the foot of the bed. Then I fell back asleep and I don't know what happened, but I think my wife might have slept with them on the floor for a while.

Sissies. Tough when it's convenient (when it means rally). But otherwise, not so much.

Anyway, it's April showers bringing May flowers and all that, more importantly, it's Two-Fer Tuesday. So two or so rides around the ranch with what's left of my saw should have this place pimped back into shape by midnight or so. Brownie Crit this week? Like usual, I've got a hankering.

Plus, and also like usual, I've got a cause.
Friend of the program, local do-gooder, trailwork-slave, and all around good Samaritan lurking in the forest, Puckett is in a bad spot with his lady. Awful. Locate yourself a box of kleenex and Read this, so when you're here racing for free, and I ply you with brownies and then hit you up for cash for his purpose in life, it won't seem so weird.

Or I'll steal your car.

It's also Marathon Week. As a long time supporter, spectator, and volunteer of this event, I'm a dead giveaway as a big fan. If nothing else, watching our bike support team swing into action and seeing BigJohn (on his bike) get dropped by the Kenyans (on foot) coming up River Road is never not exciting.
Want to play along? We need a bike support crew for this Saturday - the more the merrier. Drop me a line and volunteer to watch some pretty surreal speed on foot, a horde of painfaces like you've never imagined, and the aforementioned BigJohn shenanigans in person.

Then go kill it at Hilbert on Sunday. Or go underground and come race the Roubaix with me (though an investment in 32 c technology might be worth your while.) Maybe you can top our boy Jaybird's finish at the 6 hours of Warrior Creek from Saturday (7th solo).

But even if you can't, there is much to do in the Springtime in the sunshine, and it's all good times. So do what you do for a reason.

Keep moving.

Up, up, up.

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