Thursday, April 14, 2011

VAHS results and a night to make it right.

The VAHS MTB race here on the farm came and went just about as fast as you can say came and went. Which is fast. Fast enough to make you feel pretty great and also pretty sad at the same time. Speed is like that. On one hand, watching the future of our sport throw down multiple sprint finishes up the DFU is inspiring, feel-good stuff, and whatever they're putting in their tater tots is making high school kids damn fast these days. On the other hand, "they grow up so fast right before our eyes blah blah blah" and all that, and the passage of time (although not MUCH time) tends to get me down a little.

To pep the mojo back up a little though, two occurrences helped soften the existential blow:
1) Danny O crashing into a relatively stationary chair about a half-mile into lap one of the race, spraining both ankles, and rallying anyway to a 2nd place finish and 28 points in the series. The he proceeded to rally onto...
2) A solid night ride. 5 of us cranked up the lights, ducked into the singletrack, howled at the moon and what not. Then we lost SRAMsey about 45 minutes later. Assuming he was dead, Jaybird demanded to know if his widowed teammate Shawn would concede defeat at The Burn 24. For a moment there, it looked like the old man team had cracked and come off the back of the proverbial 24 hour peloton, but moments later we found SRAMsey doing some interval training under a rockin' big moon, and the fight was back on. Memorial Day weekend for that action, Jackson. Worth spectating.

A few more quick pictures. And I do mean quick.

Despite all that speed, the top 5 did have a little technical difficulty with the virtual podium. Who stands where. How to have good posture and not look like a goon. Etc. All things you figure out with enough trips to the front of the crowd.
Keep working, fellas. The podium only gets taller, farther away, and harder to reach.

Up, up, up.

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  1. The racing action was sweet, and the high schoolers are soon going to school the rest of us. BURN becons, and when it's dark and lonely, the old, grizzled men will hold up just fine.