Thursday, April 21, 2011

I call shotgun to your group ride state of mind.

Say what you want about celebrating the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ; whatever your opinions are about it, Easter weekend is usually a damn good weekend to do some riding. Dogwoods blooming, great temps, clean rain-washed spring air, and the near-constant availability of cadbury eggs to bring you back from the precipice of whatever hunger-induced, ghost-of-Jesus-seeing bonk you might be on your way to.

always, always pack a lunch.

Let's get to the nitty-gritty. From Shawn at the shop, like Spring itself, the ride schedule has bloomed. A few reasons to ponder why you ever ride alone:

Wednesday Night BRC Fast Road Rides - Led by the Fortuna Crew, 6 PM from BRC. Your chance to stick it to Morgan in all his post-'Stan obesity will likely be short-lived, if indeed it ever happened at all. Dude's been training, I'm told. And not in the "wears desert camo and low-crawls around the desert" sort of training anymore. Regardless, you are the enemy. Come armed.

Wednesday Night MTB ride - Led by Blue Ridge Racing - 8 PM at BRC. A super sweet loop up the RT to OHill and back. Lights optional. A motivational pace. Make of that what you will.

The Thursday Evening Shred Like Ted ride - Led by the original Ted Shred at 5:30 PM from BRC. Look, there have been a barage of applications in the past few years to usurp the name Ted Shred, but really, there's nothing like the original. And now the original has better gear. But typically only one of them.

Saturday C/D road rides. 8:30 AM from BRC. I could go on and on about who I think this ride is appropriate for. Fast riders. Slow riders. Easy Riders. Beginners. Siteseers. The hungover. Those new to town. Those who have been in town for 15 years but have never really looked around on a road ride because they're barely hanging on by their eyeballs while Morgan shows them no mercy. Etc. C/D means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. All of which are near and dear to my heart. Show up. Seize the day.

And two rides that aren't weekly, but instead, once in a lifetime.
1) Shawn's bachelor party. May 7th. Lodi. Kegs and BBQ. Perhaps a blow-up animal or two.
If any of that sounds like something you shouldn't have been left off the notification email about, that's probably my mistake and, preemptively, I apologize for forgetting about you. Hit me up, then hit me.
2) I turn 33 on May 1st. That's a Sunday. 6 the hard way, in Vegas terms. And I'm hoping for some luck at the XXC of the Middle Mountain Momma. Douthat, bright and early. To follow, beer and birthday cake at the finish line for all. And I do mean right at the finish line. Then perhaps a BBQ if the weather looks worthy. Come get some.