Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two-fer high school racing

Two-Fer Tuesday blew in a hell of a storm to kick off the day. But we need that. A little damp around camp to make the dirt just about right for the race tomorrow.

That's right - in case you forgot, High School MTB racing descends upon Earallysville tomorrow in all its delinquency and promise. Talent lurks. If you dig watching next decades' superstuds rip around on singletrack at speeds not conducive to their own safety, arrive on time - full shenanigans should get cranked up around 5:30 PM. And even if you're not a minor, you can probably get yourself a lap or two amongst the chaos. Just be sure to step aside when the future blasts up behind you and shouts ON YOUR LEFT.

Not much time otherwise for reporting on trail status, tire selection, hardtail vs full suspension, hammer gel vs heed, etc. I've got a course to mark, and what the hell do I know anyway.

But to close, FOTP and BRS Team Chieftan TBrown did hook me up with a photo from the Ride the Ridge race back in March.
I miss winter already.

Until tomorrow, I'll be marking the course up, up, up.

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