Friday, April 15, 2011

Stay Positive

And now for something completely different, this just in from the mailbag:

From: Bruce Almighty
I'm gonna be on the injured list for a
Little bit, I've got a peice of metal
Stuck in my left arm from a chisel
Surgey is on tuesday
Hope all is well

I've got so many questions about this, I just don't know where to start. First and foremost, Bruce, what kind of formatting did you use to compose this email? Is this a Haiku? Is this some kind of joke about how chiseled your abs are (you're cut!)? Was this a cycling-related accident? How big is the piece of metal in your arm? Is it from the chisel or from what you were chiseling or something else that happened while said chiseling was taking place? What kind of metal is it? Why would one have to wait a week to get metal surgically removed from their arm? Is there any reason to think we can't just let Geoff Keenanstrong cut that thing out of you? The questions could go on and on.

Naturally, email won't suffice for this sort of inquisition, especially given Bruce's capability for real email terseness (and inability to use any punctuation.) So we're just going to have to wait until he heals up and ask him in person.

A few years ago when Dewitt Dezirkle and I were off-roading in my Honda at Walnut creek (long story, for another time), we got into a tight spot and the man-child said to me "Stay Positive." I've always liked that. I passed that advice along to Bruce Almighty.

Torrential rain in the forecast tomorrow. Potential flooding of the Rappahannock at the FORD. Southern California-style mudslides on the way to Earallysville. General Saturday malaise. But good times lurk subsurface - you've just got to find them.

Anybody who wants to get muddy, 9 AM Saturday here at the farm. I don't suggest wearing your finest chamois. Stay positive.

Keep your head up, up, up.

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