Monday, February 21, 2011

Two-fer Tuesday on the trainer?

It's two-fer Tuesday in the land of the pines, and well, well, well - what have we here?

Kev29er wants to pull the plug on our night ride. Straight from the mailbag:

From: Kev29er

To: BRC and CHAM

Cold, damp and miserable here. Trainer is sounding better and better. Need to establish some training baselines anyway. Go ahead...think less of me.

Let's take this whining one element at a time before I think less of you.
Cold - well, it's 32. Not exactly cold, but conveniently just cold enough to hold that little dusting we got last night to the leaves nice and tight.
Damp - we got precisely 3/1000ths of an inch of snow. So, no, not exactly damp. And keep in mind this assessment of dampness is coming from the guy who got 2nd out of 60 singlespeeder in a foot of snotcycle snow.
Miserable - well, if you consider beautiful, manicured, leafblown singletrack surrounded by a picturesque dusting of snow to be miserable, I guess it's miserable.

and i also guess you're getting soft.

Pulling the other direction, however, I'm looking at a hunger strike from my guy, Bender. As most of you know, Bender likes nothing better than a rally fast enough to melt your socks. His favorite people in the world? Uncle CHAM and Uncle Kev29er, who show up the moment before said rallying happens. In any case, he's refusing to eat until the trail is skidded and scorched properly, and he's refusing to negotiate on the matter. He's like the Ghandi of rallying. Non-violent protest, but he makes his point.

There's a similarity here, but it goes far deeper than the long muzzle and funny ears. It's in the soul.

Basically, what I'm saying is that Kev29er is starving my dog.
Come on, man. Do what's right.

and you KNOW what's right.

Moving on, let's check in with the Ramseys, who have recently invested in not one, not two, but three new fun-making machines:
From the Missus Ramsey: "we haven't done much standing still since we got the new rides. BTW, the little guy rode right up the DFU yesterday like it wasn't even there. I might have been prouder of him for that than when he learned to walk."

the blurry picture is for proper effect. blurry is fast.

I didn't actually learn to ride the DFU until I was in my thirties. So clearly, this kid is developing at an alarming pace. I've been calling Jasper to win a Brownie crit for about two years now. Feel free to try to prove me wrong on that. But you can't take this kid.

That's the facts on a Tuesday, Jack. From my vantage point, things are happening.

Make history.

Up, up, and outside.

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