Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pantani Ride Pictures:Forthcoming

Pantani Ride Pictures: Forthcoming. I can't just throw a bunch of blurry smut up on the internet and hope that people can appreciate the experience.

The Rooster on the other hand:

I'd give some kind of photo credit here, but tasteful photography being what it is, I imagine the "artist" might very well appreciate laying low on the matter. Plus, per the copyright, it would appear that The Rooster owns this action, jackson. Or maybe vice versa.

Anyway, for a smattering of photos from the nasty steepness that is Brokenback mtn, surf on over to Roosterville for a taste of hypoxia And check back every now and then as The Rooster amps up to the production of his own annual disorg-event in April.

Moving on, it's Three Fer Thursday and the mercury is making a beeline for 70 degrees today. That's right the 70's. If Disco ever rallied, call me John Travolta - because I am about to boogie. Of particular interest on this sunny, warm, three-fer of a day: you've got a full moon to work with, which pretty much negates any excuse you might have not to overtain your fatpants off and try to fit back into your skinnies before Hilbert.

Make it happen.

And from the mailbag, the real strongman of The Pantani Ride this year appears to have taken some lessons for how to get up something really tall really quickly, even when it's really crappy outside:

In addition to performance enhancing drugs, you've also got to have heart to kill it in a stage like that. And that tiny bike looks familiar to me:

And from my bro at BRC:

Friday at 6pm- Tire changing and chain care class. Beginner focused on the basics of getting home after a mechanical involving a chain or a flat tire.
Sunday 11am at Broadus Wood- Gravel Road Ride. Dave will be leading this one as I am working at Pegasus. Rumor has it that he has a big route on tap, but shorter distances can be made off of it as well.

Two very different events, but that rumor is correct. A big one. 11 AM from Broadus Wood. Those not desiring something so big will likely form a safety in numbers alternative ride. But I've been looking at some maps and thinking about some possibilities. Those owning a compass are encouraged to bring it.

Until then, it's 70 degrees with sunshine, moonshine, and hopefully some soulshine. Have yourself a moment.

You may now resume trying to drink that image of The Rooster permanently out of your brain.

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