Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Three Fer Thursday, and we've got more rumors around these parts than Fleetwood Mac. The swarming Pantani Ride tifosi has prompted insinuations of competition in all shapes and sizes, outright bluffs of attendance from all over the map. But first, a check on the weather:

Bender trying to play camera fetch.

You dammmmmn right. We got a wee dusting last night. A quarter inch, maybe a half. Just beautiful.

67 degrees on Sunday, mark my words.

This little dusting is no match for that big ball of fire in the sky, and Sunday will be the first day of Spring, at least in spirit. Condition report: pimp.

The Ghost of Marco Pantani would be more than a little upset by the dirt and the haphazardness, but overall I think he'd be very pleased with the scene and the commitment to suffer.

too hot to ride. better call it a rest day.

On to the rumors. Of note:
From: The Rooster To: BRC Marco, last year's event did so much for my self-esteem, my spiritual advisor and life-coach suggested I come back this year! Mark the course in day glo colors, provide a cue sheet in 3 languages, email me a GPX file, and leave a trail of bird seed, Capital City will be in the rear with the beer!

Rooster. In. Check. But don't be fooled by his beer-talk. The Rooster is a man of metal for the one day classics, and he brings a team of even greater threats and epithets.

Even more salacious, the rumors surrounding the competition for the young riders jersey (which we don't actually have a jersey to represent) are running amok. Danny Flow Vs Jaybird vs Dwit Zirkle vs...a certain other very talented young rider who shall remain a battle I'd very much like to watch if I could keep up with it anymore. I can't. That's the thing about the front of these races - watching it on Versus with Phil, Paul, and a vanilla latte to keep you company is pure joy. But actually having to pedal to keep up with those wiry bastards so you can spectate is pure pain. So have at it, kids. Let me know who killed who at the finish, and I'll see about finding a white jersey for your victorious, malnourished torso.

Additional rumors:

Aid station at mile 22 and 38? That's the intersection of Mission Home and Simmons Gap, which you pass twice, hopefully. Very possible.

Singletrack options? Oh hell yes. There's a BRC-led contingent set upon rallying the single and not the gravel, and you're invited. Highly acceptable.

Also, certain enterprising individuals of local ilk might find another way down from the top of Brokenback that doesn't involve gravel roads. Officially, this is non condoned, but since it's not a shortcut (not by a long shot, see you sometime Monday) the route is permissible as long as you've got permission.

And for the sake of time, here's a bonus rumor run-on sentence : BRC partners needed for The Burn 24, Jaybird wants to sell you some 9 speed stuff, Ohill race in 5 weeks, Kev29er to set (again) land speed record in Maryland, and the muffinride is tonight at 6 PM.

Breathe it all in. Smells like Spring.

Got a rumor you'd like to circulate? Attendance, illicit drug use, or otherwise? Don't bother peeping it to your podium girl ex-girlfriend to have her spread the news the dirty way. Just post it up here in the comments, and rest assured the world will know just as fast.

Sunday. 10 AM. You know what. Up, up, up.

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