Friday, February 4, 2011

10 day forecast

Today, being the first real day that the 10-day forecast actually covers International Marco Pantani day, I thought we'd go to our local meteorologists and see what their infinite wisdom might haphazardly prophesize for next Sunday.

Partly cloudy. 90 % chance of severe pain. Highs in the low to mid Ican'trideanymores.

Yeah, they don't know. That's pretty much what they're telling you when the extended forecast only gives the average daily weather for this time of year. But, if pressed, I'm pretty sure they'd agree that it can't get any worse than last year.

a stud's studded tires on Fox Mountain in the 2010 episode

Speaking of Fox Mountain, if anyone wants a preview of the Pantani ride on Sunday afternoon - it's possible that it might be 53 degrees and luscious. To me, that sounds like easy money. Though after foregoing caution last night, night riding at BRS with knee pain, and attempting to break my stem again with my right knee, I might be rolling an abridged Pantani course. The one without any climbing. Which, as you might guess, is not the Pantani course at all. But, let's face it, sitting still really isn't an option for me.

And on to other newsworthiness from the mailbag:

from: fattirewilly to: BRC and others RE: new trail big news - Preddy Creek workday thisSaturday 9am Short notice, but the first half of the "advanced" mountain bike "course" was approved this afternoon. This will be a horse free zone due to narrow tread width and "unique" topography having lots of steep short roller coaster sections where "point" impacts would not be desirable. Unlike most all trails where bikes are supposed to yield to hikers (yes I hear complaints from ACPR all the time on this not happening, so please...if the hiker stays in the trail, you're supposed to stop or not run them over), bikes will have right of way. This "course" (notice we're not calling it a trail) will probably take 6+ months to build, so don't go looking for new trail next week or next month, it will be hard to find.

To celebrate, there will be at least two crazy people out there at 9am clearing (narrow) corridor and dialing lines. Please join us. Not doing pancakes or coffee but could easily do a beer at Timberwood after. We could use a couple chainsaw folks.

I'll send a follow up email with parking directions once I get instructions from County. And, it's not too early to think about getting those 3 ACPR workdays in for that parks pass to Walnut in the summer.

You better believe it sports fans. Though not in Earallysville proper, Preddy Creek is a short 30 minute bike jaunt to the East across illicit singletrack and breathtaking country roads. And anything that we not only take provisions to hide, but also term as a "course" instead of a "trail" is something I'm keenly interested in. So if you read the part about two crazy people out there at 9 AM, you can rest assured that "crazy" means "in the pouring rain," and"two" means "Me." I am now taking recommendations for the best mountain bike shoe for intense trailwork and drudgery - the sort of thing most mtb shoes aren't really that great at. Because this thing is going to be awesome.

It's damn near quittin' time on a Friday. Go forth, pillage, wreak havoc.

Attack at all costs.

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