Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Pantani Feet

Well, happy is probably a stretch.  But given the conditions that Sunday seems destined to provide us for The Pantani, at least not getting frostbite would be a win.

The forecasted high is all the way up from 22 to 24 as of this moment, so that's one in the W column, but the low is now down to 6.  So I guess that's a wash.  And by wash, I mean frozen solid.

Indeed, social media, trailhead parking lots, and dimly lit bike shop smoking parlors all seem to be buzzing with the same conversation, starting with the question, "How the fuck am I going to keep my feet from falling off?"

If years of riding at night in freakishly cold temperatures have taught me anything - well, ok, they have not taught me anything.  If anything, exercise-induced oxygen deprivation at night in the cold has only killed brain cells, and I'm dumber now than ever before.  But I do know a thing or two about keeping your toes unfroze.  And in a first ever attempt at this rad new form of digital media that the smart kids like to call "Video" I've published a how-to up on the youtubes that may or may not help  you avoid frostbite.
Production value notwithstanding, I do hope that will at least give you some ideas about how to keep your piggies from turning black and falling off on Sunday.  Or at least convince you that you lack the proper gear to tackle The Pantani in such conditions, which obliges you to either go shopping at your LBS or stay home.

Anyone caught mail-ordering a pair of winter boots from Jenson will be dragged to the top of fox mountain and flogged with a sack of old cassettes, and poignantly, you'll be barefoot.

In all seriousness, please do take the necessary precautions.  These conditions that we'll be facing are no joke, and you could stand to really hurt yourself without the proper gear.  Be prepared and a badass, and you'll be OK.  Maybe.

Up, up, up

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