Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Post number 300 here: the triple century of blogging.  For those of you who have been along for the ride all this time, thank you, and I'm sorry I ate all your food.  That's what I tend to do on long rides.

Lately, I've actually been doing that on short rides too.  Just folding after about 45 minutes or so, borrowing food, and limping it in.  Could be the annual spring mileage increase.  These bonks, like the rest of the bumps in the road of life, they tend to come in threes I've been told.  So hopefully I'm turning the corner.

Taking stock, as one tends to do at a milestone such as this, I'm pretty happy with the way this has all played out.  Me eating your food and demanding that you push the forces of the invading Persians into the "hot gates" and you, there, sort of wondering what I mean by "it's rolly, but trending downhill."

But that's enough celebration, and in the spirit of getting back to normal, let's night ride.  Tonight at Timberwood, rolling by 9 PM.  Here's my note to the in-crowd, but please, if this is the sort of thing you'd like to partake in, know that you are a twisted individual - but you are not alone - and shoot me an email to be added to the list.  Or just show up and stake your claim.

"Just bizarre conditions to try to plan a night ride.  Bunch of snow on the ground right now, though melting fast, and sort of maybe re-freezing by 9 pm ish?  I guess it's possible that enough will melt today to make riding possible, but then the re-freeze will make for a decent surface.  Could go wrong either way - too hot or too cold - and the drag here is that with more snow on the way tonight, this is about as good as it's going to get.

So here's my plan:
Timberwood Grill at 8PM or so for the 2nd half of the UVA game.  I might be a little late.  Depart at 9pm, hopefully under clear, 32 degree skies on frozen turf, for a tour of Flo Lakes.  Done by 10:30 or so.  Let me know if you need the GPS coordinates.  
If the trails aren't frozen, we'll divert to the lawless underworld of 7 hills jeep track and do as the locals do (graffiti, littering, leaving our underwear behind for whatever reason.)  Good times.  

Could get weird.  Hoping for the best."  

It only gets better from here. 

And oh what the hell - just a little more celebration:

Up, up, up.

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