Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Weather, Strava, and other Paranormal Phenomena

Worth considering:
Pretty good chance it's gonna be a relatively cold paranormal.  Not as cold as 2010 when it snowed, but cold nonetheless.  High of 53 on Saturday, meaning that by the time things get intense it'll be down in the 40s.  So consider that as you put the finishing touches on your sexy superhero costume, and really think about how much skin you want to be showing when the bell lap tolls.

Also worth considering, this will be the last year of this particular Paranormal course.  Next year, the length will double, the singletrack improves, and most importantly, any Strava KOM's previously set will go down into permanent internet history.  Current Strava glory, like most things in life, is owned by Mr. Qwadsworth.  And, if that Ben-King-Besting, near-30 minute lap doesn't already intimidate you, it would appear that another person of interest has been practicing also.  I'll be honest, I liked them both a lot better when I didn't know how fast they were.  But that's a me problem.  Your problem?  Getting around the Paranormal loop in 29 and change, and slotting yourself a place in the very fringes of internet-based race result history.

Night ride preview?  Wednesday night, 8 PM, departing from my house.  It'll be an ungroomed, slightly slow, less tense preview - sort of like putting on your wedding dress without shaving (which I happen to do all the time.)  But a preview of the course proper nonetheless.

To follow, leafblowing, limb chopping, and fun-sized Snicker eating to commence Thursday at 5ish.

Now if I can just squeeze my girth into this sexy referee costume, I'll be all set.

Up, up, up.


  1. Im just gonna take a moment and remind the audience that in the world of internet-based race results we call Stravaaaagh(!!!) that KOM was set in a pair of fishnets and leopard print camie on a singlespeed I spray painted in my garage that week...so...if you cant take it, you better look good trying.

  2. Does anyone know how to read these results? 61 449 Bryan Lewis 4 26 5:48:02 1: 6.50 1:05:34 1:05:34 2: 13.00 28:26 1:34:00
    3: 19.50 3:11:26 4:45:26 4: 26.00 1:02:37 5:48:02 M 23 UVA

    I can't tell if it actually says 28:26 or not? And on a 26" bike, gasp.

    Is it bad to call out a sub 28:00 lap when the weather is supposed to be terrible your costume could be in the way, and you're running essential slicks nicknamed Ikons? #brobrabraaaappppp #upupup

  3. Are you implying that something not on strava is real?