Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paranormal Forecast

If I might create a weather forecast for the next three days that would be conducive to shredding singletrack in a most absolute manner, I'd draw up something like this:

Which, of course, I can't do, nor can I find my own shoes before noon most days, but for the greater good it would seem the weather gods have done it anyway.

Chance of perfect dirt:  near 100%.

So there's that.
Additionally, the official pre-race communique has been unofficially emailed, pinned up, spread via word of mouth, and posted over on Big Blue, which naturally is where I get all of my news so I'll link you to that.  If I might summarize, it reads as follows:

1) Sign up
2) Show up
3) Shred responsibly
4) Scud

Also, worth noting, there are pre-rides today (Thursday) and tomorrow (whatever day comes after Thursday) starting at 6PM.  I, for one, will be donning 1500 lumens and pinning it at approximately 8 PM tonight in case you're similarly equipped, running late, and the sort of person who is into that sort of thing.  Which if you're reading this blog you probably are.

Other than that, not much to really report that hasn't already been reported faster, better, and more accurately, which by coincidence is a metaphor for how I ride these days.  So too it is with the creepy music promised.   But since we've recently been on the subjects of the undead, and The Boss, and kicking the proverbial can down the proverbial road...I suppose we can part ways until Saturday via Paranormal Costume idea # 38,921:  The Ghost of Tom Joad.

Dress appropriately non-appropriate.

Up, up, up.

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