Tuesday, October 8, 2013


If I might, let's run straight to the spooky music today from the get-go...

The Paranormal, Oct 19th, that's eleven amazing fall days between here and there.  Plenty of time to procure a costume, modify it so you look slutty, and take a test ride to ensure it can become adequately ensnared in your drivetrain on lap 1, thus enabling you to hit the keg early.

Take your hat off and stay a while.  

Most importantly, it's a benefit for Scud, and I think that's enough to say about that.

What else, what else, what else.  Well, O-hill happened, alongside some pretty baddass collegiate racing put on by UVA's brightest and most smiley.
Thomas Jefferson approved.

Results from the "open" non-collegiate, non-UCI sanctioned, fully radical, sparsely attended OHill meltdown 2013 are here.  I'm told it was, like most nuclear meltdowns, about a million degrees.  Outstanding.  And Scud gets a paycheck, so again, 'nuff said.

From other parts of the Commonwealth, though I don't yet have the helmet cam footage I was promised, I do have a few photos from a weekend of riding and other misanthropy at Douthat.

To close this one out, I had some dark Ani D. lined up to play us out today, but as I suspected, YouTube is smarter than I am.  So instead I suppose we'll just let the silence carry us through.  But next Saturday, you know where to be, and it'll be plenty loud.

Lock your back door, ya' idiot.

Up, up, up.

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