Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Daylight Savings, like when Spock died

That's called alliteration.  It's also called a lot of hard work.  And before this one gathers too much dust:
You keep putting your life on the line to win, I'll keep recycling the same old hastily photo-shopped images.  

I'm told this win represents the nightcap to Wadsworth's frenzied, run of podiums, and the "season" is over.  Indeed, daylight savings starts on Saturday.  That's always a little sad.  It's a dark moment on Sunday night, at 5 PM, when the sun sets, and it's cold and ugly, and it feels a little bit like Spock just died.  

But, before you let the seasonal depression take hold, remember there is still fun to be had, and Spock was really only dead for about a half a movie before he was back in action:

Long Gravel Rides

winter bike lust

And don't forget we live in Virginia, where flowers sprout well into November on the right sunny slopes.  
Other than that?  There isn't much I can do for you.  I can't even give you the Paranormal results, but it's safe to say you didn't beat Kurland.

But I will trail off here with a little news gem that's sure to make you smile, step outside on a cold winter day, and point your hoops skyward.  It would seem that, in the wake of all the doping revelations of late about the turn-of-the-century peloton, Italy's favorite son is the favorite again.


2014.  Gonna be a good year.

Up, up, up.

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