Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eight the easy way

First things first: there's something I need to address.

No, I am not the ex-boyfriend in rapper Lil Dicky's new, aptly named official video.

But thanks for asking.  On a day, this day, turning eight the easy way (35, for those of you whose retirement portfolio lacks an investment opportunity called "playing craps"), it feels pretty good to be even mock-mistaken for, well, that dude.  And, holy shit, that's hilarious.  Not the least bit safe for work, but still mandatory viewing.

I have been riding though, so maybe that's where the mix up happened.  Rung in the birthday last night with C-Ham at BRS in misty, rain forest conditions that felt like St. George was somewhere on the north side of Vancouver.  Today, crittage as sixage, so get there.  Rad.

Maybe 35 won't be so bad after all.

Older is technically still upward.  Proceed with minimal caution.

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