Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dreaming Pink

Annnnnnd POP!  The laurel springs open, the rains slow, and the Giro looms bright, right around the corner.  As if on queue, 75 degrees and sunshine for memorial day weekend.  I do love spring.

To make matters even more terrific, the cicadas are booming, and Saturday night is the full moon.  If ever there were a good night for an all night rally, it'd be Saturday.

Of course, there is an all-night rally to be had to for the masses, if that's your gig.  Good luck, bro.  My very loose prediction is you scare some guys and then flame out into a boozy mess.  Enjoy yourself.

And, while I'm on the the subjects of epic and awesome, the Ramsey's are coming home.  You can read about their sojourn in more detail aboard Scotty's rad blog:

More fun?  How 'bout a little Moore fun, Horsethief?  I do miss the great out West.  But local studs seem to still make the journey, and the helmet cam video is pretty stellar.

That drop into horsethief is enough to make a brother pucker, even at 15 frames/second.  Well done, boys.

What's radder than that out west?  The Divide.  East Coast Ice seems to go West pretty well these days.  And local do-gooder, Captain America seems hellbent to take the Tour Divide title.  You can read more about that over here if that's your sort of thing.  Which is probably isn't, but it's still worth reading if you've made it this far.

And if that's not enough to get you excited about bikes, life, and the common good that is the greening of America, then I probably can't help you.   But I'll try.

 Unsigned talent as I understand it.  It's worth a phone call, Jay Z.

Whatever rad things you do this weekend, a pink top that says LOVE on it can only make it smoother.

Up, up, up.

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