Thursday, October 11, 2012


Happiest dude in the world this week: Marco Pantani. 
Granted, he's not actually in the world, having offed himself on Valentine's day 7 years ago.  Still, it's almost Halloween, and resurrection theories aside, if nice little guys like Levi Leipheimer have been taking the long needle all along, anything's possible. 

It does make you wonder though, doesn't it, just what the hell did he mean?
No matter, we've got better things to do around here.  Like reach a consensus for what kind of costume qualifies a man, woman, or child for a 5 minute head start on lap 1 of The Paranormal. This email came in from a concerned citizen just days ago:
From:  The top 1%
RE:  Costumes
To keep the race wieners from sticking a branch in their helmet for a "costume", you guys have a pre-determined selection criteria that gets you the bonus 5 minute start time.... I'm not looking to podium myself, but it does seem like a weak-ass way to shave some time..., lets protect the real costume wearers!
Costume must be fully obvious
Costume must have required some "effort"
Or, costume must slow you down somehow or be some sort of distraction, like crap hanging off or whatever...

Typically, I'm pretty skeptical about this sort of thing, but the wiener pun in sentence one scored for me, and anyway, he's right.  So, branch-in-the-helmet posers, you are officially on notice.  Legit costume, or you're relegated, and in this case legit means legitimately inconvenient to yourself and those around you. 
relegated.  no appeals. 
What else, what else.  Well, let's talk weather.  The Paranormal has hit 80-some degrees in years past.  It's also snowed.  Rain or shine, we pretty much roll, so pack your thick pink undies if you think a little slop might make you sad.  Also, clear skies willing, it looks like we'll have a pretty terrific rising moon sometime around 5 pm.   

Waxing half moon on Saturday for the race. 

Perhaps also a waxing half moon on Saturday for the race. 
 You know what I mean.  Or maybe you don't, in which case, good for you. 

The real news here though: Preride. 
Wednesday, Oct 17th we'll have a preride out here on the course.  It should be leaf blown and dialed by that point, so even if you can't hang with the likes of Ben King on the front of the thing, you'll still be able to find your way around the loop a time or two.  Show up after work and get your prerace jitters out, wish Shawn a happy birthday, and then hand him your bike with the long list of shit that needs fixed.  Maybe ask him if you can borrow a light too.  It's what he was put on this Earth for. 

The dude abides.

Up, up, up. 


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