Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's a Thirsty sort of Thursday

At least it is if, like me, you've:

1) eaten 5 sloppy joes in the last 24 hours

2) ridden your bike for 3 days in a row

3)  been stress-preloading for a Saturday jaunt around the RIC in the 90 degree heat with BigJohn who, likely, is going to ride you into the ground.

Oh yeah, though, I've been training.  Training, and sweating all over my camera. 

holy shit these things are heavy.
 The treachery. My, how the tables have turned

Speaking of the tables turning, hearken back for a moment to the sad day when Nolan left town. Nolanpalooza # 1 was a bittersweet rolling of the pararidetheridge loop (that being a luscious sampling of singletrack from both the BRC test track here at the Rancho Relaxo and the race course at Blue Ridge School.) Thoughts that day were somber, and there was talk of trying to bang off the loop in under 3 hours to keep the tears at bay. Instead, we BBQ'ed, and C- Ham blubbered like a baby.
Well, the tables have turned, as they're apt to do, as I said before, and Nolanpalooza #2 will be held in early July to celebrate the triumphant return of Nolan to the Foof, now leaner, meaner, and faster than when he left.  Like war, I reckon Pisgah will bring those changes about in a man. 

Details are still forthcoming and, as you might have presumed, those details are certain to be extremely vague anyway. 
Beardcicles will be involved.
Bring it. 

What else? 
Well, as long as I'm talking about Blue Ridge School and the various derelicts that have come and gone from those hallowed halls, I'd better mention Captain America's gigantic 400 mile, 45 and half hour jaunt around the newly propositioned Allegheny Mountain Loop ITT.  Officially, the high water mark has been set.  This might be old news to you (April 12th, to be exact) so if it is, just scroll down and savor, once again, those Charlie Manson eyes. 

Ahh, the fringes of what's possible, somewhere out there well past sanity and logic.   Makes you want to dip in and see what you're worth, eh? Congrats, Cap'n. 

Well, before I get out of hand and start waxing nostalgic about the Man-Child, Mr. Zirkle, God forbid, I suppose I'll trail off and just say that I've successfully pieced together a new singletrack section for the once-ridden, twice-cancelled, transcounty ride.  By "successfully" I mean, I didn't get shot while poaching it.  And that's good enough for me. 

A few pictures from yesteryear:

Perhaps Nolanpalooza #2 can take on a new shape, something more appropriately sized for the kind of man who's been hardened by the mountains of North Carolina.  I'll stock up some freeziepops. 

Up, up, up. 

PS - heal up soon, J-man!

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