Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BRS to Walnut

Me to Kev29er:
BRS to Walnut - the trans-county point to point is back and slightly longer.  This ride was a hoot last summer, now giving it a try in the cold to see how it goes. 

Blue Ridge School start
Up brokenback
Down the super d
Up markwood to the Paranormal loop
quick paranormal rally
Aid station 1 (my house)
A new connector and fence hop to Buck Mtn rd
Bleak house singletrack (Sunday only)
Up reas ford to earlysville
Aid station 2(the new and critically acclaimed cruise-in diner)
Poach a little Danny flow half track(Sunday only)
Advanced Mills to preddy creek (paved)
Preddy loop ( conditions permitting... It's been muddy there)
Aid 3 (Dunkin donuts)
Gravel to fo' lakes
Fo lakes singletrack (conditions and permission permitting)
Into town - perhaps via the Dunlora link
Rivanna trail
Aid 4 (blue ridge Cyclery)
Rivanna to o hill to old lynchburg
Old lynch to walnut
Finish down the goat trail(conditions permitting)

Kev29er to Me:
that email made me throw up a little

Happy Friday.
 God, I love winter. 

Up, up, up.


  1. I live in E'ville and I'd love to ride this. When is it happening?

  2. The last week in December, ill pick whichever day looks best on the weather forecast. Probably the 27 28 or 29th of Dec. Get in touch via email and I'll get you on the roster. Be prepared and a badass.

  3. Any chance your extending the inviation on this ride? I see it didn't happen due to weather at the end of December, let me know if so your re-scheduling.

    1. Oh hell yes. get me your email and I'll get you on the communications bandwagon.

  4. any takers?