Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 years of rallies

Ahhh, they grow up so fast.  Bailey turns 6 today and Bender turns 4.  Between the two of them, then, that's 10 years of romping around these trails, building new trails, soaking up the sun and the rain, and in Bailey's case, admiring how damn sleek she looks in the reflection of the pond after a good rally and a swim.  These dogs lead good lives.   

Bailey pretty much owns the Heckler by now
Bender helping to construct the Earthquake trail, shortly post-earthquake.  Not intimitaed. 

the contstruction of the berms, post blizzard #1 2010.
To celebrate the day, we've got a nooner planned, 65 degrees and drizzling here on December 6th.  When it comes to conditions, this is absolute perfection - although I'm pretty sure these two mutts think that about every condition.  Hot or cold.  Wet or dry.  The best thing about dogs is they don't really care.   
Welcome to the family, Pivot. 

cutting in a little southside connector.  throw my ball. 

with enough speed, Bender can actually tuck his ears behind his own head. 

velociraptor.  the tire, not the dog.  well, ok, the dog sometimes too. 

These dogs will always be Earallysville to me. The amount of photos I have of these two hounds either pinning it, getting ready to pin it, or lounging post-ride could fill this entire blog.  So I'll just trail off here and go for a ride and enjoy it.  I get a little choked up on birthdays, and when I think about someday building a trail (and probably some huge berms) in their remembrance, it sullies the moment.  

Which brings me to my homie, Nick, who recently lost a good houndfriend of his own.  Still, he makes this kit look good.  Ripping the coastline in Miami, FL. 

Dude puts the Flo in Florida. 

Lastly, remember this?  BRS to Walnut.  I've got a hankering one of these Sundays before the new year.  Any takers?

Up, up, up. 

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