Monday, December 12, 2011


...And not the kind you buy at Wendy's and dip your fries in, you disgusting, pudgy Hut.

I'm talking about the skinny kind.  I got out for a little frosty Sunday morning recon for the upcoming BRS to Walnut route that I'm putting together for later this month.  I do love frozen singletrack:

An interesting element of riding singletrack in the winter:  you're technically racing the sun to the trail.  If he gets there first, mush.  No bueno.  But if you get there first?  Call yourself Captain Crunch, and get to diggin in with a big spoon.  Until there is paved singletrack (which, mark my words, there will be - AND IT WILL BE AWESOME),  frozen will have to do.

We go?  Dec 28th?  Ish.  By the end of this week, we'll be able to look at the 14 day weather outlook, take a peer into the future at the week of Dec 26th, and start to make an ill-informed decision based upon that weather outlook, which means almost nothing.  But, if all days and weather patterns are equal, Dec 28th will be the day. 

It's not all singletrack, of course.  Mid-recon, I popped out onto the road for a moment and picked up the tail end of the CRC ride as they made their way closer to both Free Union and a decision about what bike Alan should buy.  Not sure if they ever made it to either one, I bailed off of Catterton, crossed the ford, attempted to find a singletrack connection that I'm certain exists, didn't find it, got chased by some cows, and ended up back on Markwood, and in sudden need of a portajohn.  Bonked a little but still finished.  Then I ate some clif blocks on the poddy.  Good times.   

This week?  Temps back up in the fiddies.  Don't lose yourself in the warmth of it all, the trail is still a little soft.  Be ginger, tread lightly, hit the road, ride early, etc.   Your drivetrain, and the community at large, will thank you. 

Giddyup, up, up, up. 

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