Monday, November 28, 2011

November, eh?

Average air temperature in Earallysville this Nov?  63 degrees.  And today, Nov 28th, we're tipping this anomaly even further in the anomolous direction with a 70 degree afternoon. 
May your Holidays be merry and your flowers be a-bloomin. 
I hope you did something good with this most wonderful of wonderful Novembers.  I've been doing a little exploring, myself.  Creating new in-roads.  Reckoning about a reckoning come February 19th. 

Exploration, something Pat Byrom might have known a thing or two about:

Her biographer seems to have left out the details about her massive calves, and the way her friends used to call her "Quadzilla".  But the park in her namesake reveals this. 

Mighty Fox Mountain, taken from the West, shortly above the Byrom trailhead. 
A bit short on the mileage, but way, way adequate on the elevation - Byrom is a tall one.  Mostly 1.5 track that's rapidly becoming single.  Well worth the trip west to check it out, but I'd recommend riding there, warming the legs up a bit.  If you dig right into that climb cold, right out of the parking lot with your morning latte still bubbly on the inside, you're in for some trouble about switchback number 3, 100 yds from your car.  But if you roll out Shifflets Mill to the base of blackwell's hollow on 810, you'll be ready to face the lady. 

Pat Byrom, you remind me of Colorado.  Bless you.  Damn you.  Thank you.
We'll try to be worthy.

Onward, it looks like BRC racing has finished atop the VORS scoreboard

Individually podium accolades:  Kev 29er wins SS, JP 3rd in XCat. Dreama 2nd in sport, Whedbee 2nd in expert.  And lots of folks filtering in here and there below that.  All in all, good enough for a 274 point victory in a 6000 point race with Design Physics out of the RIC.  In the grand scheme of a yearlong race, that's a photo finish.  Radical.  I'm psyched to see those folks up this way in February. 

Keep it pointed up, up, up. 

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