Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.
Watching a bunch of grown men sweat and wrestle late into the evening last night, it occurred to me that Cycling, in a way that doesn't always exist in sports, is fair to those that pursue greatness.  Unlike certain other sports where, through luck, teamwork, bullying, outright miracles, or other outside forces, you can win despite being substantially inferior.  See here, Denver Broncos.  See also, Tim Tebow.  They're winning a freakish amount right now.  Realistically, though, they're never the better team.  Racing bikes isn't like that, and contrary to popular opinion and excepting drug use, there is only one way to the top:

You've got to climb there. 
The Winter Training Series, back for good.  From Shawn at the Shop:

Need some extra push to stay fit and have some fun through the winter months?  The Winter Training Series is back for 2012.  This is a "for fun and fitness" attendance based point series intended to encourage area cyclists to stay active through the winter months. 
As an attendance based series, it is all about showing up and participating, NOT about being first to any finish line or quickest in any transition.

Events on slate for the WTS this year so far include.

Monday "Chill Will' rides 1pt
Tuesday/Thursday Trainer sessions: 1pt
Wednesday Night Rides: 1 pt
Thursday Ted "Shred" rides 1pt.
Saturday Fortuna 9am Ride: 2 pts
Saturday Clay Fitness Trainer Sessions: 2pts
Sunday Gravel Rides: 2 pts

Special events with point value include:
Darden Towe Cross Race (volunteer or race-November 27th)- 3 pts.
Two Man Mtb time trial (January 22nd) 3pts
Black Dog Bike's GW Ride (Date TBA) 3 pts.
Any CAMBC trail work day (Dates TBA) 2 pts.
Superbowl Ride (February 2nd) 3pts
Pantani Ride (February 19th): 4pts.

This series will start Dec. 1 and culminate on February 19th at the
Marco Pantani ride.
Prizes for the series: (because a little incentive never hurts)
Men and Women leaders get:
1st place: $100 gift certificate to BRC
2nd place $75 gift certificate to BRC
3rd place $50 gift certificate to BRC
4th place: Free Fitting at BRC
5th place: free socks. (sort of a consolation prize)
13th place: new Bontrager RXL shoes!  (MTN, road or Triathlon….you pick!)

I welcome your ideas of any events that you would like to see in the series.  Look for a link in the coming weeks to a page that will track progress and the "rules" and standings.

 This is a "for fun" series only.  It is not a real race or competition.  Please don't kill yourself or others trying to do this "series" and if you do, we are not responsible.  Have fun, ride safely, stay fit through the winter, that is the goal.


  1. How about points for building toy lift bikes? That seems in the right spirit!

  2. Looking forward to the Pantani ride!!

    Cool idea you have here.