Thursday, November 10, 2011


Putting aside for a moment my concern that this blog is really just becoming a shrine to Danny Flow, tracking his every moment, praising all he does, I'd like to announce that the kid will be back in Foofville a week from Saturday.  That's 11/19.  Reportedly, he's going to celebrate his back-in-townness by hosting cyclocross disorgaraces three consecutive days in a row. 
Durango weather in the fall: dodgy.  Better go home and race. 

Look for the kid to "tweet the dets," as the kids say, sometime in 'tween now and then. 
Moving forward, given the anachronism in the title here, it's probably obvious that I tried to write and post this yesterday.  Failed.  But, thematically speaking, I think it's more appropriate to get this one up on a Saturday anyway - a day that becoming a Dad only makes better. 
Dadurdays, if you will.  BRC has had a couple of good ones coming down the stretch here.  To start with, it would appear that K-Rod and Ken Tank had themselves a Dadurday at Tidewater Challenge and won the men's duo by a landslide, while newly recruited EnduroStud JP got mixed up in a Solo Enduro sprint finish that got the better of him.  Still, a damn fine day for Dads all around.  A week later, C-Ham hit the 18 Hours on The Farm right square in the manparts, won men's duo there with the help of superhero, Captain America, and now can plunge headlong into an offseason dominated by PBR, Basketball, night riding, and a son who believes he is Darth Vader reincarnated. 
The neat thing about Dadurdays?  Eventually, if you work the sytstem the right way, all days become Dadurdays.  Just ask my own pop, who's been making en effort on that front himself, just got himself a new Fuel EX in dadurday-black - just because he can - and has outridden both of his sons this fall about 3 to 1. 

Next week?  Some serious Dadurdaying needs to take place.  Check out the VORS scoreboard.  It's tight, notably in the team category.  The VORS season finale will be going down at Pocahontas - a little Junkerman conceived Duathlon to cap the year.  Nice.  Good news - BRCR is 450 or so points up in the series.  Bad News - mathematically, we're catchable, and this race just happens to be home turf for the 2nd and 3rd place chasers in the Team Cat.  Back to good news - if you've been to a Duathlon lately with the BRC crew, you've probably seen some teal BRC colors on the podium.  At least I think that's teal.  Final good news:  K29er has a dog in this fight, that dog being 1st place in VORS SS, again.  Anyway, if we can get the right weapons out of their cases, dust them off a bit, and Justin Riddle oversleeps, we might take the top 5 spots and button up another VORS year hanging off the front.  Carpool?

The future? Tuesday night trainer sessions, all winter long.  Newly relocated host, ELF, will be our dejay, coach, and allocator of penalty intervals.  Awesome.  Although I might go on record here and call him out for a penalty interval himself - the Lantern Rouge at the entire paranormal.  Turns out fast cars don't directly equate to fast bikes.  Unless you qualify a Honda Element as a fast car.  Which you probably don't. 

Tomorrow?  65 degree sunshine in November areyakiddinme?  sunday, sunday, sunday, BRC gravel rides start up again, rolling out of Broadus Wood at 10AM.  Bring it.

And today?  Certainly a dadurday.  I'm fixin to get to Preddy and back if the dice roll the right way.  It's been too long.
A little tunage. 

Puts me together, every time. 

Up, up, up. 

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