Thursday, August 11, 2011


There are a lot of categories in the Virginia Off Road Series. Men, women, export, xcat, team, singlespeed, and on and on. I think there might even be a prize for the most aliens spotted during all-night endurance racing; I'm not real sure on that one though.

And the people of BRCR have always left their mark on the series. The blue jerseys seem to just keep flying past people. Uphill, downhill, off the front at the start, and off the front at the end. This year is no exception, BRCR is leading the team category, and has a rider on the podium in almost every category.

Last year, VORS added a new category: Paydirt. You get points for doing trailwork; the more trailwork you do, the more points you earn. Like other categories, there is a first, second, and third place. And competition for first place this year is FIERCE. A few local superstars have done a ton of trailwork, one BRCR member who writes most of these blog posts has been leading the category all year, having done over 30 hours of trailwork by the beginning of August. Not to mention he's in the running for the men's xcat.

Trailwork superstars (Left to right) Ted G., Cap'n Shawn, DT, FatTireWilly, and Dr. Woton, of Team Lucky Green.

Other teams are in the hunt too. A few Richmonders are hot on his tail: Mr. Basmajian, Reid, and Petrylak are all within striking distance with a late-game sprint finish.

Me you ask? A recent flurry of time spent working in the GW has me SO far out of reach there's no WAY anyone could catch me. Yeah, I'm only leading by 1.5 hours of work, so IN THEORY, it's possible. But really, it's a run away. You think those people behind might be able to rally a few more hours here or there? Nah.. no way. But, what if they could. Imagine team BRCR putting in 100, 150, 200?! hours of volunteer efforts every year to make the trails they ride, train, and race on the best in the country? Fastest racers, most caring team, and we give back more than the others too. That's what makes team BRCR the best.

But, back to what's important here, competition. What if someone really does rally a few hours and knock me off the top podium? Well, it ain't gonna happen, that's my still my stance. And if it does, this blog entry may be the egg on my face that day. But I promise that anyone who makes a run at me, successful or otherwise, will have my respect. I'll be the first one to offer a heartfelt pat on the back if they're standing taller than me on awards day, because I know that paydirt is the one category where we ALL win just by competing.

When VORS recently updated the standings for Paydirt, Mr Reid, with quite a few hours himself, put it best: "Every racer should have their name on this list!" Is your name listed in the paydirt results?

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