Monday, August 15, 2011

Toph Max.

Dig deep, hold onto your britches, bitches. So much to discover, so little time. But like most things in life, I don't personally discover them. No, indeed, I just sit around idle on my haunches, slurpee in hand, and wait to be told where to be and what to do. So let's go to the mailbag, the yin and the yang, the source and the end of all things bike-worthy with bonus tidbits of nonsense peppered in along the way to make you wonder, what's it all about really?

On just that subject, from Kev29er:

How many magic hat bottles does a man have to crack open to find one relevant to the weekly blog knowledge in any given week? I don't have that math on hand. But I can tell you that our man Kev29er does love his microbrewed suds from time to time. And apparently a penchant for that bastard the almighty, Phil Collins.

With that out of the way, the real news:

Who is the raddest lady you never knew?

Patricia Ann Byrom. The photo, cute as it may be, can't do her justice without a full face helmet. And if I could lay a big smooch on her, I'd give her two. Then we'd jam down whatever nasty steepness Albermarle County Parks has built in her honor, maybe with a few stops along the way so she could mock how much I use my brakes. Then I imagine she'd pop a budweiser at the bottom. OK, really I have no idea. But I do know that few things are as selfless as giving 600 acres back to the community. May her soul rest easy now that, as of Friday, the land that is her namesake is open for the enjoyment of all. Pin it one time for Pat, people.

Keeping with that theme of losing and honoring the raddest people, Danny O's time here is running very short. He's not actually dying, mind you. But he might as well be since he's moving to Colorado. Those of you who haven't been to Durango and are still with illusions that we'll ever see that kid again are mistaken. He ain't never comin' home. Everything is the worst. Well, not everything. He's planning on going out in style, at the very least, so that's something.

From DFlow -

Ideas for this week.
Night ride up to observatory?
Cross race at Sheilas
Brownie Crit Thursday out at the farm?
Ideas, comments?

My only idea/comment here is to kidnap him and tie him up in my basement so he can't go away. But I don't have a basement. So, barring that idea, I guess I'm just in for whatever he wants to do in his last days around the Foof. That's a night ride tonight (monday) a cross race tomorrow (tue) and a brownie crit here at the Rancho Kidnappo on Thursday. Any inquiries thereafter about Danny O's wherabouts? I haven't seen him.

Of substantial importance, Hiser, you are on notice. Notice of what, you know that I know that you know that I know. But that doesn't even matter. I'm coming for you and your alleged 32.5 hours of gettin dirty. Arm yourself with a rogue hoe. This is war.

Lastly, most importantly, but still not wishing to be a spoiler, there is a great thing happening on Saturday. No details at this point, but it involves diapers, rallying, Toph, and the greatest action film of our time.

Toph Max.
Try to wrap your mind around how awesome that is if you can (you can't.)
Details to follow. Up, up, up.

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