Friday, August 5, 2011

Pump Track

So it’s done. Or so I proclaimed last night before my mediocre performance during shop shirt night over at Kegler’s.

To tell you the truth it’s not really done…it’s almost done. More like kinda done. I’m finding that even though the heavy lifting is over it still has to be broken in…the soft spots packed, the berms raised. I really had no idea what I was doing. I desperately wanted to call Dave, get some advice on bermage, but I read somewhere he’s defected to Canada or something. It’s 90% done. Whatever, it was fun.

It wasn’t always fun. It took nearly 3 months of logistical nightmares/snafus/blunders just to get a couple tons of red clay and a “dingo” to Greene County. Might be way out north of town too, in that hard to find location between the 6th and 7th grade halls. But it’s done, it’s there. I gotta tell you, it’s not bad though. Not bad at all for two days of hard labor and a public school budget.

Fortunately, a pair of young guns, arguably two of central Virginia’s best, dropped by for a little free consultation work earlier today.


I tell ya, pump track fever must be sweeping the land. Look closely at this tall, blond glass of water…

He’ll forgo footwear just for a chance to get in there and rip it up. You can say what you want about the young pups today, but they’ll ride outta their way just to help you find the line…and they can be genuinely generous. Willing to give up their time just like that for the cause. Just to see that the project gets done. 100% done. As the Who said “the kids are alright.”

Maybe this summer project will help spring the next superstar. Maybe. Maybe it will get more kids into a life-long sport. Maybe. Mostly, I hope it makes school just a little bit more fun for some kid. We all need a little bit more fun. Even though my hands are shaking today, and my neck feels like the recipient of a Vulcan nerve pinch, it was fun. Lots of fun.

Good luck at Hilbert tomorrow, troops. Put the hurting on somebody, become a superstar. Just have fun doing it.

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