Wednesday, November 17, 2010

well, well, well.

First, let's go straight to the mailbag; seems I got some questions about Ken Tank and the ride we put together on Sunday.

Is Ken Tank really 55? How did the ride turn out?
Good question. He's actually 287. He just looks 55. But he rides like a 19 year old.
Seriously, he was big-ring sticking it to us all the livelong day.

Did anyone vomit on Sunday?
Another good question, especially if you're familiar with previous Ken Tank epics. Technically, we had a vomit-free day, but there was attrition from start to finish. Dudes peeling off the back, trying to miss a turn, generally dropping like one of those Lance Armstrong charity rides where Lance goes out and beats everybody senseless and finishes by himself. Speaking of the finish, the final climb up Reas Ford when the man of honor could smell the finish line was like a drag race, with me just hanging on by a toenail. In other words, good times. The only real disappointments were that we didn't get shot at or mauled by half-wild dogs. And I didn't manage to snap any pictures to document just how amazing the day was, but we were moving too damn fast for any of that.

Let' s move on. Who's riding?

1) Night ride tonight. Private land. Earallysville and points northward. Be forewarned, we got over an inch of rain, so it's sloppy and choppy. But by 9 PM that should be working itself out.
2) Turkey Day ride - That's November 25th. 10 AM here at the farm. CAMBC and CRC have the knowledge on that. I just work here.
3) Arizona.

Last, but certainly not least, my bride killed it at the Richmond Marathon on Saturday. I won't give you the blow-by-blow race report with all the details, but I will give you this picture of her leaving some dudes in the dust around mile 21. Big finish on that course; if you're into downhill sprints with about 10,000 people yelling your name. Two thumbs up.

To show my proper amazement, I forgot her $80 Patagonia gloves on the side of the road around mile 7. There's a bum somewhere with some seriously fast, warm hands right now.

That's what it is and what I've got for now. Probably will skip next week's post due to the insane amount of action to be had in Arizona, Jackson, but day 1 of December we'll get back to it with some gory road rash photos, tall tales of clogged toilets, etc. So you've got that to look forward to.

Stay tucked. Keep drafting.

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