Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ken Tank Turns 287.

GIGANTIC photo, circa 2008, back when Ken Tank was a young man

To celebrate Ken turning 55, we're riding on Sunday. Here's the skinny

1) Start in Earallysville, 11 AM. The man of the hour himself could be a little late, in which case we'll watch Danny Flow ride wheelies around until he falls and breaks his arm. So hopefully he's not too late.
2) Hit up the not-so-famous Danny O singletrack, a short ride down the road.
3) back onto pavement, some gravel, evading fast-moving feral pets, and end up at BlueRidgeSchool.
4) Cunningham to lead us fearlessly up the steepest trail ever to grace private land. And back.
5) grab some food and water, then head east.
to follow:
an open ford to crossing
private land with questionable access and some fence jumping
super sweet local goods
More fence jumping
A rally down the not-so-famous bleak house action, jackson
A slightly grueling climb back up Reas Ford Rd to Earallysvillistan.

Total time? 5 hours. Perhaps less. pack a lunch.

Ken Tank - you are an amazing teammate. I give you the gift of cramps. Congratulations on becoming a senior citizen.


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  1. Just to make it fair, I'll be riding my Huffy single speed. Should be great weather and good times so hopefully I'll see many of you out there. Thanks Dave