Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall lingers

Two things you can say about this Fall we've had, it's hanging around as long as possible, and it's going out like a champ.

I don't remember another fall with better riding weather. Great temps, good dirt, and the season itself has stretched out since back in late August when the leaves started changing from the drought. Given that Fall is, hands down, the best season, I think every Fall should last about 5 months - and this one in particular is welcome to hang out until about Easter.

On that note, Riding. It's hard to say no right now. That sense of "drop everything and get on the dirt because you'll miss this in January" is pervasive, sort of like how kayakers get in the Spring when their passion - the fulcrum that their whole year hinges on - is HERE NOW and it only lasts for a few weeks. I'm told kiteboarders, surfers, and the like get the same sensation when the wind and the waves are up.

So, to the point then, how 'bout Sunday? I've got a route in mind that requires a sense of adventure, a little tolerance for maladjusted feral pets, and maybe some blaze orange. And the payoff? Aside from awesome weather, changing fall colors, and joyful banter, I'll throw in a big pot of venison chili at the finish.

5+ hours, sometime before noonish, Rallysville. Pack a lunch.

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