Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I'm gonna pop some tags

For every thing that's wrong with cycling at the professional level, there are a thousand things at the grassroots level that are absolutely, 100% right.

Shit talking
Crisp fall weather
Groomed ribbons of life-affirming single track
Wide-open racing
Drink--night riding
Night-drink riding
Night-Ride Drinking?  I'm not sure.  (But, please, save the kegs for the post-ride, and use your cupholders).
DJ'ed neutral support pits
Our community coming together as further evidence that, if anything, God loves costumes.

The list of what is right and good goes on and on.  Which, as you might guess, is just me starting to talk about The Paranormal.

Saturday, Oct 22 from 4 pm until 10 PM.

A few photos from yesteryear, and also the results:

I'll wear your granddad's clothes.  I look incredible.

Again, that date is Saturday Oct 22.  Race starts at 4, but those in the know know that it's an all day affair.  So start getting your costume together now, while the racks are still full and the pumpkin beer hasn't clouded your good judgement.
Smells like R Kelly's Sheets.  
You can register....where?  Well, the linky no worky yet, so I won't put it up here to confuse you.  But stay tuned, and I'm pretty sure we'll have that for you soon, along with my predictions for Paranormal greatness that are almost never right.

Here's to taking back our sport.  It'll be easy.  I'll just need to get my leopard mink cape out of my rear wheel first.

Sometimes racing means you gotta dress up, up, up.

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