Tuesday, March 1, 2016


March: rolling in like a lamb chop, marinated in Super Tuesday Sauce to get all over your tie.

It's going to hit 70 degrees today.  So your ride to the polls to cast your vote should be an enormous pleasure.  What you do there, that's your business.  But I'm confident it'll be the right thing if you take two wheels instead of 4.

Remember, get out there and vote, while it's still legal.  And whatever happens, as long as we all take part, no matter the result - that's the democratic process working as intended.  That's the experience of the ride I guess; some days you like it, and other days you fix your flat, straighten your hanger, clear the leaves and mud from your helmet, and limp home on one pedal.    It's not always your day to stay upright.

Tide comes in.  Tide goes out.

There are a million ways forward, and they all go up up up.

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