Monday, December 28, 2015

There's no place like loam for the Holidays

Man.  70 degrees AGAIN tomorrow.  December 29th.  Liberal media bias and global warming fear mongerers notwithstanding, this weather is enough to make you want to vote with your conscience or something.

What it means to you, I don't know.  What it means to me is riding.
Wanna do this to yourself with myself tomorrow night?  Get in touch if you do.

Ol' man winter, lurking down there sub-surface, just dropped an ice storm on Los Angeles.  Don't be a fool - yer time is gonna come, Virginia.  Better get out while the gettin is still good.  REALLY good, as it turns out.

And I pity the fool who doesn't know what good is.  Especially when that fool is Nancy Reagan.  
You got 10 hours of daylight, kids.  But 14 glorious other ones too.  Enjoy yourselves.

Side note, mostly unrelated, unless greatness is something you aspire to...
Remember that time Kev29er whooped up on Qwadsworth back when Qwadsworth was still just a pup?

The good ol' days, as I like to call them.  Back before Qwadsworth grew a pair, and Kev was diagnosed with shizophrenia, hydrocephalia, syphillis, manic depression, and more broken bones and hurty toes than you can shake a wet, pink loofa at.  I have to admit, I liked Qwadsworth a lot better when we could push him around on the steep stuff a little, but following Kevin through the woods at those speeds was a fucking nightmare.  I'd live in the past, but I'll take what I can get, I guess.

Because if you like to get down, you gotta get up, up, up.

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  1. Where is he from anyways?! And how did we both beat Sue Haywoodja?! Shes more man than either of us will ever be. in a nice way....