Monday, September 14, 2015

The End of the World at the End of Worlds.

Been a nice few weeks here at BRC blog headquarters.  The SM100, Boys and Girls Club Challenge, and plenty of bike and family time has come and gone, and for the most part, smiley faces all around.

Tom Barry, the first photographer to capture all 4 of us smiling at the same time.
That's good, of course, and looking forward, I advise you to seize the day in a similar manner if at all possible.  Because it's all coming to a terrible, cataclysmic end in a couple of short weeks.

You see, as I'm sure you're aware, UCI Worlds is coming to Richmond next week.  What you might not know, however, is that the END of the world is coming at around the same time.  Indeed, Sunday evening of the 27th at about 10:40 PM, hours after the men's road race concludes, there will be the 4th and final full lunar eclipse in a tetrad of blood moons, which as you may or may not know is biblically and 100% factually linked to the end of the world.

Here at BRC blog HQ, we're uncertain if it'll be truly weird, or just a natural part of the end of days.  Either way, I'm planning on being there at the epicenter of it all, Richmond that is, to watch it all unfold and likely host a badass, guided, MTB night ride around the JRPS starting from somewhere near Browns Island about 7PM, 100% committed to seeing it through to the very end, whatever that end may be.  

Also, there's some talk of making this night ride Saturday the 26th vs Sunday the 27th, due to the unfortunate reality that if we go Sunday, and someone has a mechanical on the ride, and we end up running late, it's possible we could perish out on the poop loop somewhere amid the fire and brimstone of it all, away from our loved ones, and no one wants that.  Plus, on the off chance the world doesn't blow apart, our sitter clocks out at 9 PM Sunday.  So Saturday night it will probably have to be.  

Details forthcoming, but in the meantime, hug your loved ones and what not.  Night ride.  Sprint for stop signs.  Make hasty, bad decisions.  Order a cosmopolitan with lunch because goddammit you just like how they taste.  

The World is coming.  And so is the end of it.  

Up, up, up.  

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  1. The only thing more futile than predicting the end of the world is predicting that it will never happen.