Monday, September 21, 2015

(End of the) Worlds

Well, Worlds is upon us.  This week, in Richmond, the best in the world are fighting it out on skinny tires for the right to wear rainbow colors for the next year.  

Also, conveniently, the End of the World is set to happen a few hours after UCI worlds ends - that being the exact moment of the 4th full moon in a tetrad of blood moons, this one culminating as a supermoon, full lunar eclipse at 10:10 PM on Sunday night. 
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If the website, doesn't get you in the mood for love, nothing will.
Also, my kids turn 4 on Tuesday.  

So it's a pretty big week, all things considered.  

As such, the Northside Extreme is bringing you not one but TWO rad night rides to celebrate the good life (and quite possibly the end of it.)

#1:  Woodberry Forest Short Track - This Tuesday, 9/22 at Woodberry Forest School.  5:30 PM.  Details can be found here: WFS Outdoor Program Blog except for the part about the badass night riding that naturally follows the racing.  Sweet, sweet riverside flow trail, burgers on the grill, and maybe even a ride on the gator if you play your cards right.  I actually can't attend this one myself this week, but I'm certain there will be a northside carpool heading that way that you can take advantage of, so just communicate on the matter as you see fit.  

#2 End of the Worlds Night Ride - This Sunday, 9/27, Ohill, starting at the O Hill observatory at 9 PM.  Scheduling is pretty exact here, because the whole thing may or may not be going up in smoke at exactly 10:10 PM and the eclipse actually starts at 9 PM, which should be enough time for you to sober up, drive home from Richmond, lube your chain, hug your kids one last time, and get to O Hill for a 9 PM departure into a tour of our local prize singletrack before it becomes a post-apoclyptic wasteland.  BYOWhiskey, and come ready for fun, but also the first instances of socially fatal looting and cannibalism that will surely follow.  

See also, The Road.  
First sign of real mayhem and I'm out.  No sense sticking around and trying to be a survivor. But go ahead and have fun while there's still fun to be had.  

Up, up, up. 


  1. Count me IN.

    I will be providing leadership at Durty Nellies at 8:30 PM on Sunday night, filling the tank up one last time before The Book of Revelations becomes a reality.

  2. Durty Nellies at 8:30 should be just about right. I shall smite thy borders with a plague of PBR's. See ya there.