Friday, July 10, 2015

I crack walnuts with these cheeks

Or, rather, Walnut cracks me.

Whatever the case, I urge you - NAY, I command you, good bike people of the Foof and beyond - to show up at Walnut next Sunday 7-19 and throw burgers down your necks as if you just raced 24 hard, rooty, gnarly miles, whether you actually raced those miles or not.  Maybe rub some dirt on your face to look the part.  Because you gotta be cool, and if you can't be cool, at least look cool.

Links all over the place:
results from yesteryear
course map from yesteryear
Yesterdays from Yesteryear

Tangent re: that last one.  Man.  Tell me that doesn't take you back.  (but if it actually doesn't, don't tell me.)  I have a hazy recollection of wondering aloud to myself and whatever poor 7th grade girl was nice enough to dance with me about whether "this is a fast dance or a slow dance."  I imagine we settled on fast, for better of worse.  (Worse.)

But, anyway, back to racing Walnut Creek like responsible adults - one interesting nuance I'm observing is that the course map from yesteryear shows a 10 mile loop.  And, if memory serves me correctly which it rarely does but I think is this time, experts did two of those loops, making a 20 mile race in, oh, 2 hours or so.

This year's bikereg page seems to indicate we're doing 3 laps.  And talk over on the big, blue face hole in the sky seems to say there might be a course shakeup.  So who knows.  Maybe this is 30 miles of walnut creek for the experts.  Maybe not.

What's clear is there will be both racing and burgers.  You know what I like about that?  Everything.

Only way to see it for yourself is to sign up, up, up.

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