Monday, July 20, 2015

Darkness On The Edge of Town

Sometimes you just need a little bit of the Boss, you know?
You know.
And a night ride, or some single track out of all this sun.

So, the Chimney Chase was a scorcher.  Even on the start line, sweating like a toilet when the AC quits and it's 90 degrees already at 10 am, it was already obvious that 3 laps around Walnut Creek was going to be a bit of a death march - like the kind where you might actually die.  I don't make the "it's like vietnam" simile very often, because I know it's insensitive, and there are people who were actually in Vietnam, fighting for their lives against an unseen enemy and so forth, and I feel awful that happened just a generation ago, but Walnut Creek when it's that hot and humid, your buddies falling out all over the trail around you, and a decidedly jungle-like feel, I may have muttered such a comparison.  Sparingly, yes.  But, Vietnamish, if I can say that.

Results will be up online shortly, unless the very numbers themselves melted, which is possible.

Stupid sun, giver of life.  Why must you be so hot?

So let's get away from all of that then.  No night riding planned this week, but Friday night next week, July 31, is the Blue Moon.  Seeking some Darkness on the edge of Town.  The plan is to depart Flo Lakes at 630, single track our way southward, hit the wonderful steeps of Rocky Holler under the cover of darkness, and then return back to Flo Lakes by ? .  Emphasis on ?.  I'm not actually sure how much time this endeavor will take.  Looking at a map, it doesn't appear to be that far.  Rolly.  Trending downhill.  Something tells me it'll be like 5 hours on the bike.  If that doesn't strike your Friday nightride fancy, maybe just meet us at the Holler at 8 for the portion of the route that doesn't require a swim/portage of the Rivanna.  And if you need the coordinates for any of this, by all means, holler.

Above all else, stay cool.  And if you can't stay cool, at least act cool.  See also, The Boss:
Up, up, up.

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