Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Pantani Is On

These are the tides of life, I guess.

On Monday I'll be employed again, which is a good thing after a month off.  And, Sunday, with the cancellation of O-hill, the window has opened and, OH HELL YES, the Pantani is on.

I won't rehash the media frenzy that led up to the first cancellation of Pantani last month.  Nor will I repost route maps, tire recommendations, or dote over your bike choices.  We've already done all that.  

But I will deliver. 
So here we go:

Sunday, March 15th, departing at 11 AM from here at the rancho relaxo.  Due to the biblical flooding in my yard, parking will be at a premium, so please, carpool. 

Gonna be a beautiful day, but expect some mud.  

Any questions, get in touch with me.

Up, up, up.