Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Out Like A Lamb

The End of March, good time of year to be riding a bike.

Race results all over the place, group rides, night rides, bike festivals; just enormous amounts of drinking, pedaling, and making life merry and worth living after all.  I won't rehash race results and war stories and rides with rock stars and what not herein, but I'm more than happy to summarize the general feel of it all, that being, "Catch you on the flip side, winter."

Video above, if you haven't checked it out already, is The War on Drugs.  If you dig it, now is the time, mostly because I just found out about them, which typically happens late for me in the life cycle of any given thing, shortly before the band is about to break up, or the technology deemed insufficient, or the product discontinued because it causes cancer.  So it's likely now or never.  And it's pretty amazing stuff, so give a listen and let yourself dream a little.

Worth noting, BRC is about to become a two trick pony as opposed to a one trick pony, which is huge and awesome.  Two shops, not just one.  Bravo, bro.

Northside: Hollymead Town Center, right next to Bonefish Grill, caddycorner to that other pillar of cycling reliability and innovation, Target.
Downtown: A gigantic flagship location in The Coke Building, opening in June.  Ish.

This whole arrangement is not only bigger, better, and easier to access for one and all, it's also a new launching point for the Northside Extreme night ride, which happens to be departing tonight at 8 pm from BRC Norte' to tour the sketchy halftrack and dirt road drug deal pulloffs of the northside hinterlands.  Charge your shit, and bring a beer to blend in.

Sure is spring.  Enjoy yourselves.

And I'm out.  Like a lamb that is.
Up, up, up.

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